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We are a recreational fishing boat for TAI RABBER that departs from Osaka city.


In Japanese TAI means sea bream.

This is a Japanese-born fishing method for catching sea bream.

TAI RABBER is lure fishing. You can catch a red sea bream with just a weight, a tie, and a fishing hook.

Don’t know what a tie is?

The one with fluttering orange.

This will attract red sea bream.

Looks like a tie, right?

First, the TAI RABBER is lowered to the bottom of the sea, and once it hits the bottom, it is quickly hoisted up, a process repeated.

Easy, right?

There’s no need to throw it far. Drop it close to the boat.

That’s why it’s a popular method that even beginners can easily follow.

Red sea bream is a special fish for Japanese people.

This is the king of fish.

It looks beautiful and tastes great.

Not only the meat but also the soup stock is great.

Our boat departs from Osaka city and takes about an hour to get to the fishing spot.

It is a famous red sea bream spot in western Japan.

It’s Akashi.

This is where the famous suspension bridge Akashi Ohashi Bridge is located.

Akashi’s sea is rich in food and has fast tides, so the fish grow deliciously.